Digital Positioners for Electric Actuators

Posted by Baelz North America | May 23, 2019 8:47:33 AM 3 Comments

A digital valve positioner uses input and output signals to position a valve in such a way that it meets predetermined required ranges for flow and temperature. It is useful for continuously monitoring input and output signals and comparing them to the actuator's actual physical position.

There are a number of advantages to using a digital valve positioner, which include:

  • Increased stability and support under low or small frequency changes.
  • Auto Initialization: Utilizes 12 digital DIP switches for quicker setup instead of having to manually adjust zero, start, and span pots during calibration.
  • A compact design and a lightweight aluminum mounting kit.

The positioner features user-friendly controls, is factory-installed inside of the actuator and tested. The digital positioning board also provides error detection and alarm functions if external power is disrupted, which will communicate the fail position to the controller or PLC. baelze-new

These boards are mounted within the actuator cap. Their valve-positioning functions allow the actuators to be controlled by 0-5VDC digital input, 0-10V, or 4-20mA analog input and output signals. The positioners send and receive positioning signals to and from a PLC or a controller.

Unlike the traditional analog boards, these boards are integrated as a single unit rather than having to manage and install two separate boards. Digital valve positioners help simplify safety life cycle phases within your facility. The digital positioner provides partial-proof testing of the logic system that commands it. In this process, the positioner executes the test and then logs the test data it obtains. While digital positioners don't require maintenance, tests should be performed at least once a year to make sure the equipment is operating properly.

Digital Valve Positioners from Baelz NA

Digital valve positioners use input and output signals to position valves within their required ranges for flow and temperature. Our digital positioners feature a compact design and use 12 digital DIP switches instead of an analog board, which lets users precisely configure positions based on their specific process needs. Baelz positioners also support an optional WatchDog app that monitors the device in real time.

If you're in need of digital valve positioners, Baelz can help. We’ve provided our customers with quality products since 1896, and Baelz North America offers local representation and shorter lead times. We maintain high inventory levels within the United States to ensure quick delivery of our products to our North American customers. After the sale, we also provide on-site and off-site equipment support when you need it.

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